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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 26, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. get ready for another hot one, everybody. tony perkins joining us now. good morning and i'm ready. >> a hotter one. hottest day this week i think. hey, everybody, get ready. are you ready for 90? that's where we're headed for today. here is how we start the day. this is a look at the radar. nothing to see in the area. there is some fog and mist and we have the humidity so there is moisture but nothing in the way of rain nor do i expect us to see rain today. more rain showers moving through ohio, kentucky, tennessee, places like that. most of that weather is not severe this morning so that is good news. temperatures across the region, warm start to the day. right now it's 69 degrees here in washington. 69 in baltimore. dulles is at 68. fredericksberg is at 68. and frederick, maryland, is at 64 degrees. forecast for today, mostly sunny, hot and humid. there is a slight chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm.
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we're looking for a high today in town of about 90 degrees. so be prepared. here is one woman who likes that heat, julie wright. she has an update on the rush hour traffic. >> i'm so excited. i like it hot. >> a lot of people do too. on the roads, lanes are open traveling the belt between annandale and merrifield. the crew in sky fox with us now, and approaching the capital beltway, finding delays in manassas between the two 234 interchanges but slow on 50 toward 123 and working eastbound from the vienna metro toward the capital beltway. so from this angle, i see traffic slowing on the ramp for the exit for the inner loop, but nothing stopping in the roadway. but it is a slow-go toward 495. westbound 7 out of the cascade parkway for an accident. westbound lanes are blocked. on 395, delays from the beltway street toward seminary road. more slow traffic from the
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pentagon to the 14th street bridge. outer loop delays at college park past colesville around georgia avenue. no problems to report out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. fox 5 still monitoring metro. this time two attacks at metro station in less than a week. >> one in new carrollton and the latest in largo. and that's where we find stacy cohan. >> reporter: this is quite scary. it happens yesterday at 7:30 in the morning. the whole station is fairly transparent. the stairwell is glass and they were on an open upper deck when the attack happened. and this is the same suspect police are looking for. in this case, when the father and daughter, 54-year-old man and 21-year-old daughter went into the staircase, approached by four masked men who demanded
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money. a struggle ensued. the 51-year-old woman was shot in the stomach and the man was beaten and their car was stolen. earlier attack was at new carrollton metro station and riders are growing concerns. >> i thought everything was going well here. now that i know when i come here i have to have my eyes open not only for me, but for my friend who i pick up and also for the community. >> there is commuters who live in prince george's county and they work in the district and we recognize the need for a safe environment for the commuters. >> reporter: the vehicle stolen yesterday was recovered in washington, d.c. there is cooperation now between prince george's county police and metro transit police. they are policing not only the parking lot but the parking garages. there is video surveillance of this particular attack and they are asking the public to be alert and call in any
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information. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> stacy, thank you. and the effort to amend the brac move to avoid a traffic nightmare in northern virginia. there could be a cap at 1,000 spaces until transportation improvements are done. there are 3800 spaces available. the move to the marc center along 395 in alexandria is scheduled for mid-september. >> my amendment restricts the number of parking spaces at the new brac building to no more than a thousand. that's 1-6th of the work force. the problem is 6,000 commuters will be debayed for 1-2 hours as a result of this building being located unless we can restrict the number of vehicles going to it. >> reporter: the house will also vote on whether to delay the move of thousands of defense workers a year. in the district the
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difficult end to the 2012 budget fight as city council has approved a $5.2 billion budget without the so-called millionaires tax. that means no income tax increase for people making $200,000 a year or more. the compromise, getting rid of a tax break for residents that buy municipal bonds spare other than d.c. the budget is aimed at closing a budget shortfall and the final vote is expect in two weeks. republicans are trying to regroup after a stinging election loss this week and they may have found an unlikely ally. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: republicans knew there was some risk in proposing changes to medicare. it's not clear now what could be done to save it. a democrat like harry reid are feeling good these days. not only did they just beat republicans in a special election in new york, they also just forced a season at vote in
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the republican budget plan to reform medicare and rein in the debt. it failed almost directly along party lines. >> even though the american people yesterday said no, the republicans here in the senate virtually all said we don't care. >> reporter: but the man behind that republican plan, wisconsin congressman paul ryan, isn't backing down. >> they are shamelessly demagogging this, they call it meta scare, to scare seniors. >> reporter: ryan said his plan to change medicare to a voucher system for younger workers is a way to prevent it from collapsing and he found some sympathy from former president bill clinton. >> i'm afraid the democrats will draw the conclusion that because congressman ryan's proposal is not the best one, that we shouldn't do anything and i completely disagree with that. >> reporter: but looks to be a potent issue for
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democrats into 2012 and the hands-off sentiment may make any plans on either side almost impossible. and the only budget proposal that fared worse than ryan's is president obamas. it was rejected 97-0. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. after days of killer storms, tornadoes in the nation's mid section earlier this week, dozens more twisters ripping through last night from the southern plains to the midwest and into the ohio river valley. in oklahoma alone, the tornadoes cut a path of destruction 50 miles long. so far no one died in the tornadoes in the missouri and indiana last night. one family in oklahoma jumped into a shelter with a neighborhood. >> i had only room to fit right here on the steps. and i was hanging on to the door like this. we have a lock here and there is pins here and here. and the door is slamming and
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popping and i'm just hoping it holds together. >> the kids are screaming and crying and we're trying to calm them down and say pray, pray. our family is still together and we'll stay strong for each other and help others and get back. >> reporter: the search continues for a 3-year-old boy who was ripped from his mother's arms as they huddled in a bathroom as the storm passed through the town they were in. and in joplin, there is debris everywhere. they are still looking for survivors in the rubble. the number of dead is up to 125 and more than 900 are injured. search teams have checked the area four times and they are planning a fifth sweep later today using more than 50 sniffer dogs. a maryland community on high alert. two men zapped a woman with a stun gun outside of her condo on monroe street, just as she was putting her key in the
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door. the 28-year-old woman suffered burns to her neck and chest. police are looking for a dark blue or gray four-door sedan. a teenager facing charges in his involvement in the beating of a transgender woman. the suspect was arrest and he is the boyfriend of another suspect la quita webb. the victim said the attack was motivated by her gender. police are still looking for two more suspects. albert haynesworth scheduled to go on trial in connection with a road rage incident. the driver said last february haynesworth was tailgating him on the fairfax county parkway. the driver admits to making a gesture and then said haynesworth kept following him. when they pulled up to a stoplight, he said haynesworth punched him. coming up, an investigation
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into the former democratic candidate issues revealed. and is she or isn't she going to run for president? sarah palin and the white house in 2011. that's coming up. and h.o.v. lanes are busy by the pentagon. regular laning flowing well. we'll get the latest updates from julie and tony has your forecast. a nice start to this memorial day weekend. 10 minutes after the hour now. pnua .ui.
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it's 7:13 now. tony is back with us as we take a look at our forecast. heating things up for the holiday. >> going to be a hot, summery
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weekend. i guess that's appropriate. most people are saying, yeah, great, it's memorial day. bring it on. today it's 90 degrees for the high. taking a look at the satellite radar, we can show you we have mostly cloudy skies but we do have some mist and some fog and it is humid so there is a lot of moisture out there. and out to the west, we have the rainfall. but look, the severe storms that we saw yesterday, those have dissipated. that's good. does not mean that they won't see more strong storms in portions of the midwest, ohio valley, places like that again today. it's a possibility. but this morning things look okay. chicago is getting quite a bit of rain this morning. temperatures here, 69 degrees. some of you are already in the 70s this morning. and as we look across the country, well you see the clash of air masses. very warm, muggy in the eastern
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u.s. 74 in wilmington and 58 in st. louis, 48 in lincoln, nebraska. five-day forecast, today mostly sunny and hot. high of 90 degrees. a slight chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm later. most of you, 98% of you, will be dry today. no rain is what i mean. tomorrow 87, again another chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. saturday, i think the best chance of a shower or thunderstorm is in the early part of the day, say morning to mid afternoon. and then after that it is okay. sunday, sunday and 87. monday mostly sunny and hot, 93 degrees for your memorial day. enjoy the weekend and enjoy the beach. >> there you go. >> or kiddy pool or whatever you feed to do to stay cool. >> long sprinkler. >> whatever you have to do. >> and when you're out running in the heat, you want the neighbors with a sprinkler to
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cool you off. >> you just run through people's yards. >> look as julie wright. >> and then they'll turn the hose on you. got off the property. lanes are opening northbound on 395 and past duke street. won't be easy. delays from the beltway toward seminary road. slow traffic at the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. inbound pennsylvania avenue after the sousa bridge, that's where we have the accident. only one lane able to get by on the ramp, under police direction. 295 slow at the beltway and the 11th street bridge. 270 out of rockville, still below speed working out toward the split. top stretch of 270 much better, no incidents past of i-70 passing hyattstown. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. yemen sliding closer to civil war this morning and the state department is telling americans to get out. a blast killed 28 people overnight. the government said those people died in an explosion at
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a weapons warehouse but the opposition said they died during heavy shelling of a residential area. this follows several days of street battle. so far this week more than 80 people have died. the president there is refusing to leave. congress has until tonight to extend the patriot act or it will expire. if they pass the law today it will be sent to the house for quick approval and then go to the president in europe for his signature. the president is in france for the g-8 sum et today, meeting with other world leaders. and just sat down with the president of russia. the president of russia arrived this morning. world leaders will discuss security and economic issues in the seaside village of doveal, france. the president said we play a
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vital role around the world. the former alaska governor sarah palin has given the go- ahead to a documentary chronicling her political career. it will makes it debut in iowa and she's rehired two aides who help coordinate travel and public events. john edwards could be facing prison time. >> federal investigators suspect he used campaign money to cover up an extramarital affair. jonathan seare has the story. >> reporter: a federal investigation into john edwards is reportedly wrapping up, which could lead to an indictment in a matter of days. much of the investigation focuses on whether edwards knowingly used roughly $1 million in campaign funds to keep his mistress and campaign photographer real hunter in hiding along with the baby
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daughter during his bid for election. here is what young told sean hannity last year about his role in facilitating the affair. >> you would help arrange the three-way calls. >> i did. >> and you would drop the bat phone, as you called it, on the airplane so he could speak behind his wife. >> i did. >> and you facilitated the meetings? >> i did. >> and why did you do that? >> there is no rational reason why i did it. >> reporter: joe trippy was he had wars' senior advisor during the campaign. >> if they have a case against john edwards, bring it. if john edwards could end this, let them end it. and there is a lot of people who have like enough already. he is expected to enter a plea.
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that would reduce but not eliminate prison time. >> i don't have a window to the government thinking that they would accept any plea deal that does not involve jail time simply because the use of the money was utterly nefarious and unintended by the statute and the amount of money involved, $1 million, is notorious. >> reporter: but et napolitano thinks differently. he said john edwards has done wrong in his life and he knows it better than anyone, but he did not break the law. jonathan seare, fox news. a federal case against jared laughner put on hold. what a judge has ruled in relation to the tucson shooting coming up. and a florida mother on trial for her 2-year-old
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daughter. now a neighbor could throw a twist in the trial of casey anthony. we'll tell you about that next. and the second to the last day in our made in the dmv series and today holly is dealing with booze questions. and we'll check in with her as they make the stuff when fox 5 morning news continues. 4wmrákl
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 it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice
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that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011.
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making headlines across the nation this morning, the man accused of gunning down gabrielle giffords and 18 other people is not competent to stand trial. a judge agreed during a hearing yesterday that jared loughner is too mentally disturbed to go on with the trial. the case is on hold while he receives psychiatric treatment. the man who kidnapped smart was in court yesterday.
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the 57-year-old was convicted in december for the kidnapping and unlawful transportation of a minor across state lines for sex. and yesterday in the casey anthony murder trial, a neighbor asked for a shovel. prosecutors say she suffocated by duct tape placed over her mouth and nose and the defense said she drowned in a pool. it was a star-studded finale on american idol. [ music ] >> and that's lady gaga, also on the show last night. beyonce and tim mcgraw. >> did they wear chandeliers on your head? >> no, only one chandelier per show. she wore her wig.
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but we'll let you know who america picked to be the next idol. unless you were under a rock last night. let's take a live look outside. and we'll talk idol in a few minutes and we'll also talk weather. there is a haze out there this morning and the temperatures pushing up to 90 degrees today. julie and weather coming up next. rexct e
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there you go. surprise, surprise. scotty mccreary the new american idol beating out lauren elaina. >> this was the first all- country finale in the ten-year history of the show. the 17-year-old mccreary is the 5th guy in a row to win idol. the last woman was jordin sparks back in 2007. and dare i say, the country guy -- never has a country guy won. >> you're right. try not to be distracted. >> this i guarantee was steve's favorite part. >> sad to say, it probably was. come on, it's carrie underwood. how could i not enjoy it.
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>> and how exciting is that for lauren? >> and let me take a flip side thing here. what i know is that i love that they bring out all of the stars for this and the a-list performers out there, but in some way it shows the difference of the polished performer and the talent on idol. >> but to piggyback on that, i think the two finalists did just fine. >> but it still shows they are not at the level that some of the other people are right now. now give them a couple of years and they may be. >> this is my favorite moment. this is why i disagree because with scotty and tim mcgraw, i thought i'm looking at future right now. >> scotty does have the voice. i was wrong. i predicted an upset but i hear it was close. i hear the vote was close. i thought lauren would win. >> i thought that was a great moment last night and then we started with beyonce and her long legs. >> she has legs forever.
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i love her. >> and then did you see this part? they are talking about how shocking it is they didn't win. they are mocking it and then here comes pia. >> what is going on? >> nothing. >> what are you guys talking about? >> nothing. >> i love when she said that. >> that's what i thought. bye-bye. >> james and jude judas priest. >> judas priest was on the show? >> it's not the way to think you would get people to stick around. >> katie said we have to move on. >> i know. but what should be a # minute show is a two-hour extravaganza. >> well u 2 had to plug the spiderman musical. >> and no accidents last night.
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>> get off of one of those songs without someone falling down. and we'll start with the weather. and i don't have my notes with me. what am i doing? we'll start with this headline. holiday heat. it's the kickoff to summer. you want the heat and you asked for it and you got it. i'll tell you how hot it will be in a moment. right now it's 69 degrees. check out annapolis. we are trying to figure out what is going on there. because this week the temperatures have been 5-6 degrees warmer than anybody else. if you know what is going on out there, tell us. 71 in quantico. 71 in baltimore. 65 in martinsberg. dulles is at 69 degrees. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the region. and now not much in the way of cloud cover here. we do have some mist and some fog, hazy conditions. we'll call it haze with the humidity out there. out to the west there is rain showers. there is a slight risk of
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severe weather out to west in portions of west virginia, ohio, kentucky, tennessee, places like that, later on today. but again high pressure will protect us from that for today. you could see a stray shower or thunderstorm pop up. best chance for that will be to the west. forecast then for washington for today, look for mostly sunny skies, hot temperatures and isolated showers and thunderstorms but 98% of you won't see anything -- i'm sorry, 90 degrees for the evening temperature. and this evening, 70 degrees and the humidity. five-day forecast, check out tomorrow. still warm and still a slight chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. saturday 84 and chance of rain in the earlier part of the day and then hot on sunday at 87 and monday 93 for -- for the high. that is a look at your weather. here is julie wright for a look at the roads. into montgomery county, an accident involving a bus and
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that will close off a portion of muncaster road. police are on the scene to direct you around. in the district, an accident at the end of the sousa bridge to the westbound free way. move to the left to get by. 295 traffic slowing at beltway and again approaching the inbound 11th street bridge. on the outer loop leaving 95 in springfield, slow past van dorn over to telegraph. 95 college park is slow to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. a big setback for the g.o.p. on medicare, plus who has the upper hand in the debt ceiling debate. joining us this morning, former republican congressman george nethercut. and marty russo. noise -- nice to see you here.
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and the founder and chairman of the nethercut foundation and this is the head of the russo capital strategies group. thanks for being with us today. let's start with the debt ceiling. we're expecting a vote next week. is this a symbolic vote, let me ask you congressman or what is the plan here? >> i think it's a symbolic vote. president obama has asked for a clean debt ceiling vote and the republicans are going to give him one in the house. it's likely to fail which i think emphasizes the issue that something has to be done about spending in this country. the debt ceiling is reaching dangerous proportions. it's about 96-98% of the gross domestic product and i think the world wants to see our country pay attention to our debt and get our finances under control. it's dangerous for us to be at this edge and keep inching higher and higher. >> congressman russo, tim geithner said they must make an
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adjustment by august 2nd. this needs to be raised. >> i was having friends with my friends, doug, dan and dave, all republicans and very successful business people who looked at me and said, marty, what is going on over here? this has to be passed. there is no question. members of congress and the president have voted and signed bills to increase the spending, now we're at 14 billion -- trillion dollars and now you're telling us you won't increase it. you created the problem, you solve it. now they are very concerned about spending as george and i -- all of us are concerned about. but the bottom line is this is a political football that sends the wrong message to the global market and to the american people. in congress, their supposed to listen and make the right decision. and with congress, we're no
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longer the trusted advisor to the american people. we are self-oriented. you can't be trusted if you're self-oriented and all of these little votes are done for political reasons. when democrats are in this, they put the republicans on the spot. the american people said, what about me? and the debt limit is a perfect example. we know it has to pass. >> might there be a compromise and that there needs to be significant spending cuts. can we play with it and what is the result if it's not raised? >> well it is catastrophic if it is not raised. and vice president biden and a group are working to say we'll raise the debt ceiling but there will be coordinated cuts over a period of time. and i think they're over a trillion dollars in cuts over a
7:38 am
period of time. and i think that's good. the washington post had an article i think this week or last week that said the nation is more concerned about the debt than it is the debt ceiling. marty and i realize the consequences of the debt ceiling not being raised. it has a negative impact on financial markets and puts the trust and confidence of the united states economy at risk. and so it has to be raised, but i think the politicians who make these decisions better pay attention to cutting spending and economizing and not just spending up and up. >> debt -- one of the words we hear and we translate it to going on in our own bank account and another scary word is medicare and health care. and congressman russo, i'll start with you. paul ryan's proposal defeated -- or is this the end, the vouchers for the medicare, or where is that going? >> i think that program is dead
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for sure. and i think they're saying to the american people, and i think this is what happened in the election in new york, is that we're willing to give the wealthiest people in america $100,000 tax cut but for you senior citizens we're going to give you an extra $6,000 because people are uncomfortable when you take away something tear used to. and there is a difference between reforming the care and eliminating it. in one of the blogs i saw the headline was republicans and senate vote to kill medicare as we know it. and that's how the american people view it. you're killing medicare, not reforming medicare. i think that's what the ryan program did. so i think we'll have to sit down and realize, look, long- term health care costs in this country are out of sight and we have to get a handle on it. and how best can we do that?
7:40 am
and i think before you re-vamp a system and change what people know it to be, you have to educate the american people on what things need to be done. >> congressman say scare tactics is what is occurring. >> i agreement i think a lot of scare tactics are occurring. i think it was spoken to in a forum here in washington. and you can't say change it and they have to come up with something constructive and that's the issue of the day, is the ryan program being fully explained? ryan said it's not being explained properly in the election and new york and other forums. so my sense is both parties need to own this issue of reforming medicare to the point
7:41 am
that we can save it. otherwise, i think it's unsustainable and that's the danger for the american public. >> in my day when we had to make changes in social security in the early '80s. tip o'neal sat down with bob dole and president reagan and said this is unsustainable and we have to work together and we're going to give each other cover on it and that's what needs to happen here. i think nancy pelosi said it. medicare is on the table, not eliminating it but reforming it. taxes are on the table. it's shocking that 273 republicans in the house and senate have signed a pledge that said no more tax increases. the american people is who we make our pledge to, not to some organization. and look, i have the greatest respect in the world for george w. bush because in 1990 when we had all of those problems, he went back on his pledge, no new taxes. he raised taxes and we cut spending and we balanced the budget and reduced the national
7:42 am
debt and that's what it will take. everybody will have to sit everything on the table. >> congressman marty russo, great to see you. and congressman george nethercut. thank you very much. >> thank you. and when it comes to vehicle and how they hold up, small cars are popular because of the lower cost but they haven't been the safest on the road. at 8:15 we'll look at that. it should put small car drivers at ease. 
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7:45 now on this thursday morning. getting ready for a big weekend coming up. >> and we start -- it's thursday, right? not there yet. >> but we can start early. >> a lot of people, this is the last day of work for some people. they leave early. take a look. here is what we're doing. here are your current temperatures around the region. 69 degrees at reagan national. 69 at dulles. bwi marshall is 71. here is a look at the future-
7:46 am
cast. you're wondering if there is rain in the future and not for us, not for today. there is a 10% chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm. 10%. out to the west you have a better chance in west virginia and western maryland, places like that. here is a look at the five-day forecast. high today 90 degrees. a hot one. tomorrow 87. saturday, maybe some rain on saturday and 84 degrees. sunday a nice day and -- hot, all above normal, monday 93, tuesday maybe 95. >> we could barely hit 70. >> how about a beach forecast. >> all right, that's work. >> tucker? >> i've got one for you. >> we'll see it in the 9:00 hour. >> he's waiting for his hour. >> that's when the fresh maps come up. >> thanks, tony. >> you're welcome. >> you won't get any sympathy from julie because she's doing the work of six people. >> and i can do a beach
7:47 am
forecast just like that, honey. >> i know you can. >> there should be a pickure of a chair and beach and sand and some water and me with a nutty buddy, that's all you need. and delays in each direction at the wilson bridge. slow at georgia avenue, slow at the beltway, wrecks in the right lane. delays from dennis avenue. outer loop slowing into the sunshine toward telegraph road. downtown, in buzz sousa bridge, -- the sousa bridge. the accident is out of the way. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our fan of the day is cris hoover. this is i believe the last match of the season. and and her all-star team from here in d.c. taking on the carolina roller girls next weekend out at dulles. so we wish them the best of
7:48 am
luck. if you would like -- if you would like to be fan of the day, go to facebook and face a comment under cris hoover. and what is this local product? >> holly morris is investigating this morning in great detail. she's in stevensville, hi, holly. >> reporter: it might be too early for this product. wait a minute, it's not sealed. maybe it's not too early. and this is a wheat vodka and it is indeed made in the dmv. we are live in stevensville, maryland this morning at black water distillery and we'll tell you all about it and where you can get it all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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day four of our made in the dmv week where we are featuring companies that make products here in the district, maryland or northern virginia. >> holly is in stevensville, maryland, where they make something that goes by the name of bloop betty. did i get it right? >> reporter: you got it. bloop betty. the more you drink the product, the more you can say it. this is really fun because not only is this product made in the dmv but it's only been made in the dmv since april 1st of this year. welcome to black water distillery in stevensville, maryland. and yes, it is a specialty vodkas that being produced here on the eastern shore. and these are the brothers behind the booze. good morning to you all. so tell me the story here. >> well this started about 7 or 8 years ago in terms of concept and it's been a long time coming but we made it through
7:53 am
all of the regulatory hurdles and got our licensing two years ago just in time for the economy to -- >> reporter: to tank. >> so two years later we found ourselves here and it's been a long road. >> reporter: and we have done stories that when the economy goes down, the sales of alcohol doesn't go down. but when you talk about jumping through all of the hurdles this is the first distillery to open in the area in maryland in 35 years. so tell us about this. >> we were looking at rye whiskey and it requires aging and so vodka was the option for us. >> reporter: and tell me what we are looking at here. >> well what the unique things is that it is a wheat and sugar cane-based products. >> reporter: i think of vodka
7:54 am
as potato. >> and can be made out of anything and we use a sugar cane base. but to create the alcohol, it is fermented. and then they are entered a still like this one and they go into the pot there. this is a steam-powered still so there is heating element and water bath that heats up the beer, essentially and turns it into a vapor and the process from there is separating the alcohol from the solution based on the boiling point of the alcohol rather than the other chemicals. >> reporter: and what is this? >> this is proprietary information. we'll move on from that. >> but part of the property he is, is diluting. we do it in two different steps and we did an extensive testing
7:55 am
process with the carbon we're using to perform the filtration. that was a big part of the recipe, is taking the carbon that gave us us -- gave us the best flavor. and one of the things i read about you is that you are organic. >> we didn't expect there to be a whole lot of flavor. >> reporter: are you the leading brother? >> we went to looking into organic and nonorganic and we found it was much better and that coupled with the sugar cane made a big difference. >> reporter: and from start to finish, how long does it take to make a bottle of vodka? , a couple of weeks to run the whole process through for a good-sized batch. >> reporter: and this is the bottling area. so tell me about this. >> s this is our -- this is our
7:56 am
bought -- our bottling line. it takes about 10 or 15 seconds to fill fix. everything about this except the filler is hands-on and we are still applying heat shrink for the top. >> reporter: and what is your output and where can we find the vodka? >> we have about 600 cases on the mark e. we're refreshing that soon and we're in a little over 200 stores in maryland, delaware and in the district. >> reporter: and i think that is so nice that you used my picture for the cover. i'm just kidding. listen, is our website. we have a link to find out more and find out more about the vodka. we'll learn more in the next hour. we thought it might be a little much to do straight shots of vodka so we'll do mixology and
7:57 am
the vodka. back to you. how do some of the most popular small rides on the road match up. and if you are staying home this holiday weekend you want to hear from derek thomas. and season ten of american idol comes to a close with a country finale. scotty mccreary beat out lauren. that's coming up in the next hour. c
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
for the third time in four days, thunderstorms and tornadoes hit middle america. while the damage from last night's storm is bad, there is some good news. no deaths reported in the latest round of tornadoes. then new details in the breaking news story we brought to you yesterday about a carjacking at the largo metro station. police now believe the masked suspects are behind another carjacking at the new carrollton station. and it appears smaller cars are getting safer these days. we'll take a closer look at how safe they are coming up in a few minutes. good morning, thanks for being here. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and it will be a nice, hot day
8:01 am
today. get you in the mood for the memorial day weekend and tony is here with the details. >> if you like the heat, you'll like today. temperatures at about 90 degrees today. the red light wasn't on. >> the kickoff to summer. >> the unofficial. this morning we have plenty of sunshine out there. we do have hazy conditions as we do have high humidity levels once again. now there are clouds out to the west. and there is some rain popping up now in west virginia. remember we've mentioned that the best chance of rain is out to the west and now there is some popping up there, activity. we have seen some lightning with this as well. the current temperatures around the region, 69 degrees now in washington. 71 in baltimore. 69 at dulles airport. here is a look at the forecast for today. mostly sunny and hot, isolated showers and thunderstorms but not much of a chance of that. i'm going to say about a 10%
8:02 am
chance and the best chance is west of here. so there you go, 90 degrees for the high. that is 12 degrees above normal. there you go. >> steaming hot. >> in fact every day for the next several days is well above normal. >> thank you, tony. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic this morning. >> it's a slow go in maryland, especially for those travel ago long 95 -- travel ago long 95. an accident on the ramp that would lead on to the inner loop and take you over toward greenbelt and toward lanham. but the accident is gone but from 198 down to the beltway it's about a 20-minute trip. bw parkway, traffic slow between 198 and 197 and inside of the beltway down toward 410 and riverdale. delays on 66 headed eastbound. delays from fair oaks toward 123 and nutley street to the beltway. slow on the westbound side working from 50 headed back toward 7100. 395, delays from beltway to the seminary road and the pentagon
8:03 am
over the 14th street bridge. stretch from the wolf trap to the beltway slow. that's a check of your trav that. two men are said to be behind attacks at metro. stacy cohan with more on our top story. >> reporter: this was the scene of the attack yesterday. we were out here live when this happened yesterday morning. at the time we didn't know there was another attack that happened five days ago at the new carrollton metro station and the same suspects were apparently involved in both attacks. here at the largo town center it was 7:30 yesterday morning when a man and his daughter parked in the upper deck of the parking garage and entered the stairwell and were attacked by four armed masked men who demanded money. there was a struggle. the 54-year-old man, the father, was beaten. the 21-year-old daughter was shot in the stomach. their car was stolen. suspects escaped in their car and another stolen vehicle.
8:04 am
and folks at metro are growing concerned. >> the initial rivalry occurred in the stairwell and a struggle ensued with the father and one of the suspects was struck about his head and body by the suspect and the female was subsequently shot. >> i thought everything was going well here. >> and now this happens and it changes that for you? >> it changes it 100% for me. now when i come here, i have to have my eyes open not only for me but for my friend who i pick up and also for the community. >> reporter: the car stolen in at tack yesterday was later found in washington, d.c. now at the new carrollton metro station there was a carjacking five days ago. once again the same four suspects involved. prince george's county police are working in cooperation with metro transit authorities to not only protect the parking areas and the parking garage but also a massive effort to find the suspects. i'm stacy cohan, back to you. and also new this morning, a man stabbed to death in
8:05 am
montgomery county. police called to a house in north potomac last night around 9:30. before the victim died investigators were able to learn he had been in a fight with another man. that suspect had left the home but was found a short time later and taken into custody. other news, missouri can't seem to catch a break from mother nature as joplin continues to evaluate their damage. ainsley earhart has the story. >> reporter: everywhere you look in joplin, missouri, there is debris. but that's not stopping city workers from trying to clear things away bit by bit. it's estimated that 8,000 buildings were destroyed in this city. along with at least 125 lives. >> pretty much everything we've lost now so far can be replaced. we have our lives and our dog so we pick up the pieces and go on from there. >> reporter: wednesday was another day of dizzying storm
8:06 am
warnings across a dozen states. southern indiana took a break as a tornado took greensberg and structures in its path. and missouri was touched by tornadoes again. two dozen people were hurt in the city of sedalia. >> the wind started picking up and we looked out the window and saw a tree fly through here. >> reporter: a deadly outbreak of tornadoes struck arkansas, oklahoma and kansas. >> kids were trying and we're trying to calm them down. >> reporter: a path of destruction some 50 miles long in oklahoma. many people claim storm cellars saved their lives. >> i was hanging on to the door here and the door is slamming and popping. >> reporter: the national weather service said this year's storms are rivalling the all-time death toll. more than 500 people have lost their lives in 2011. the highest recorded death toll in a single year was 519 and
8:07 am
that was 1953. in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. the country of yemen is sliding closer toward civil war this morning and the state department in the u.s. telling all americans to get out. there have been street battles all week and overnight an explosion killed nearly 30 more people. looking at video from this week when soldiers fought with students. so far this week more than 80 people have died in clashes with fighters from the yemen biggest tribe. president there had agreed to step down last week but now is refusing to leave. new details on the new digs for the former head of the imf. dominique strauss-khan found smiling because he is moving into a new townhouse. he is awaiting trial for sexually assaulting a maid. he is now moving to a townhouse in upscale tribeca. his wife is paying for it. the rent is $50,000 a month.
8:08 am
it is complete with a home theater, gym, water fall, showers and japanese paper walls. he apparently said he will need it because he cannot leave and there are guards outside 24 hours aday. if your going to be in home confinement, might as well be in that confinement. and police have been known to use tasers unsockets -- on suspects but now the suspects are using tasers on them. and it looks like smaller cars are getting safer. we'll take a closer look when we come back.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:11. looking at stories making headlines. two men zapped a woman with a stun gun in downtown rockville as she was putting the key in the door. the bandit stole her purse. the victim did suffer burns to her neck and chest. police are looking for a dark
8:12 am
blue or gray four-door sedan. police in baltimore are warning drivers to expect delays for the state trooper of hunter tonight and tomorrow. they are blocking roads around the von green funeral home in randlestown for tonight and then tomorrow there will be new blockage around the antioch baptist church. chaz ryan could be charged from the burn unit at hospital burn center today and he and the chief are due to visit the rescued squad in anacostia. he was hurt in a fire along with four other firefighters last month when part of the roof collapsed on them. over here with tony perkins now. we're getting a look at what is going on at the beach because it's fine to be 90 here but the folks want to know the beach forecast. >> typically it's cooler at the beach than it is here so we'll show you that in a moment. you asked for it and so we have
8:13 am
it. >> and you know what else i want? >> what. >> a cute photo of a baby in our area. >> we have that for you. >> oh, he's adorable. >> this is gavin. he is the my first 5 photo of the day. guess how old he is? >> five months. you're good. this is him enjoying the apple blossom festival in winchester this month. taking in all of the sights. >> i'm hip notized by his baby blues. >> to send us your photo go to and click on mornings. for the first time this season, your beach forecast. ocean city over the weekend, highs in the 70s. not a bad forecast. maybe a shower on saturday. other than that, things look good. on bethany, 75 and then into the low 80s on sunday and
8:14 am
monday. and rehoboth, fine conditions. temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. and on cape may, chance of a thunderstorm on saturday. other than that, things look good. temperatures in the low and mid- 70s. water temperatures are in the mid-60s this time of year. here is a look at the radar for our region. we are watching a little area of rain that developed in west virginia. so not close to here but west virginia. we saw lightning with that earlier so maybe a little bit of thunderstorm activity. it is pushing eastward. again we don't expect much of anything to happen here. here is your five-day forecast. today look for a high of, ready, 90 degrees, boys and girls. slightest chance of a shower or thunderstorm here or there. especially out to the west. tomorrow chance of a shower or thunderstorm again, 87 degrees. sunday maybe some rain during the day, 84 degrees for the high. sunday, sunny and 87. monday we return to the 90s. that's where we'll be for part of next week. it will be hot. that's a look at the weather. now let's find out what is happening with traffic and for
8:15 am
that we go to julie wright. >> a couple of problems left out there as we wrap up our rush hour commute. making the trip on 66, the accident activity again on the out bound side at 50 has traffic squeezing by to the left. we have state police on the scene. the fire trucks still in place across the roadway. delays forming back near 123 leaving vienna toward fake oaks. inbound traffic is heavy and slow working in from centreville into the capital beltway. the toll road is jammed up from wolf trap to 495 as well. other side of town, checking for an incident at the outer loop and slow past tysons. they are checking for a disabled vehicle tieing up the right side of the highway. 395 still tied up from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. outer loop is low from 95 to georgia. southbound 95, the ramp to the inner loop in maryland, the accident cleared to the shoulder and big delays from 198. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well we decided to step out near the traffic here on wisconsin avenue because we're talking about safety on the roads and whether it's a street
8:16 am
like wisconsin avenue or the beltway or something a little faster pace, we want to talk about safety. so to find out more about it we have a special guest from the insurance institute of highway safety, greg siefert. and we all see the crash tests videos, today we are talking about small cars. are we getting to a point where small cars are safer than in the past. >> that's the news of today's story, is that small cars are safer than they were a few years ago and it has to do with the technology they didn't have. now they can prevent you from getting in a crash and side impact airbags for a side crash and there are now 22 vehicles that you can choose from with the highest level safety possible in a car this size. >> i heard growing up stay away with the small cars because you might not stand as much in a accident. are you still safener a larger vehicle?
8:17 am
>> despite the technology, rules still apply. so you are definitely safer in a bigger car than a smaller car but the good news is the smaller cars are much more safe than they used to be. >> and one of the things with gas prices these days, people are looking for the smaller cars thinking they are more fuel efficient. what did you find when you tested these cars? >> well we're finding that a lot of the cars have the best front crash protection, side protection, rollover and whiplash they can have. there is still the problem with the smaller cars not being as safe but the safety is improving. >> how many did you test and how many did you crash and how many came out with your top rating? >> so we tested 13 vehicles. some of them are brand new to the market like the 2012 ford focus and some of them are -- have been around for a while. of the 13, 6 earn the top safety pick award and the rest don't. >> now you mentioned the 2012
8:18 am
ford focus. what else came out on top? >> we had the nissan juke, the honda civic, the elant raw, and the lexus ct hybrid and the toyota prius. >> and those are the top marks. these are some of the better fuel economy vehicles as well. is that something that goes into the testing process? >> well we don't test the fuel economy. we got that from the government. but five of the vehicles are on a list of vehicles that can be had in a model that gets 40 miles to the gallon on a high way. >> that's not bad. so you get the fuel economy and the safety. so we would like to talk what you do in terms of crashing the cars because it sounds like interesting research no doubt when it comes to that. what do you take away from this, the process itself and we just see them as destroyed vehicles. how do you disect them to make sure it's safe.
8:19 am
>> we have a big laboratory down near charlottesville, virginia. and we crash test the cars there. it takes a while to put instrumentation inside and get the dummies seated so and we crash up the vehicles and take the read eggs from the sensors and find out what the dummies told us. >> and you do this with all different types of cars. this time it was small cars. do you try to rotate among the suvs or the larger cars? >> we try to keep the ratings up to date and lately we're working on small cars because we haven't done them in a while. >> and some good news for the folks looking for the fuel efficient vehicle. a small car that gets good economy and also economical and it is safe. thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. allison, back inside to you. >> thank you. 8:19 and 72 degrees on this thursday morning will soon weigh in on a traffic nightmare. thousands of federal workers are getting ready to move to a new building in alexandria. but many say the roads just aren't ready.
8:20 am
the latest on a growing push to delay the move when we come back. and then it is day four of our made in the dmv week. holly is at a maryland distillery this morning that makes vodka. stay with us. 
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
another last-ditch effort to amend the brac move in order to avoid a traffic nightmare in northern virginia. house is expected to vote today on whether to add an amendment that would cap parking at 1,000 spaces until transportation improvements are done. there are the 3800 spaces available. that is now in the deal. the move to the marc center along 395 in alexandria is scheduled for mid-september. >> hopefully restrict the number of vehicles to no more than 1,000 per day. we think we can keep the weight down to about -- the wait down to 20 minutes additional commute time. if all of the employees were allowed to drive to that building, almost 4,000 more vehicles, we expect a two-hour delay for 200,000 commuters on 395. that's why it's so important. >> s house will vote -- the house will vote on the whether
8:24 am
to delay the move of thousands of defense workers one year. and the thought to turn medicare into voucher programs is slammed at the senate. it would have changed medicare to provide subsidies to buy insurance. every senate democrat voted against the measure. so did five republicans. president obama in france for the g-8 summit. he just sat down with the russian president. on the agenda, its crackdown on protestors across the middle east and they will talk about afghanistan, the nato mission in libya and the global economy. it's 8:24 on thursday morning. scotty mccreary waking up to the title of american idol. >> coming up next, we're live in l.a. with reaction and tucker is back with a look at our hot forecast. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. it's 8:24. am
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8:28 am
after the nationwide vote, the winner of american idol season 10 is ... scotty mccreary. >> i'm so happy. after a record 122 million votes, this year's american idol is 17-year-old country crooner scotty mccreary. 16-year-old lauren elaina is the runner-up. she did a great job. we'll see her in the future. courtney freel joins us live from los angeles. what an exciting show and a great night. good morning. >> reporter: and allison, i'm really excited that scotty won too. >> he's so cute. >> i was predicting yesterday that he would. so that's always nice when you
8:29 am
are rights. so listen, scotty and lauren are supposed to be coming down to nokia plaza any minute now. but the funny thing is they are only 16 and 17 so they are not technically allowed to work long hours so that's why they are late. but i was in the show, in the audience last night for the finale and it was incredible. i'm going to be on a high for weeks. every performance got better and better. my favorites were beyonce, lady gaga and bona. here is more. take a look. >> reporter: there he is, america. your season 10 american idol. 17-year-old scotty mccreary from north carolina became the first male country singer to win the competition. >> it's been great. me and her have been together since day one and we're going to stay together and this is my -- never in my wildest dreams. i have to thank the lord. he got me here.
8:30 am
>> reporter: scotty is the four guy in a row to defeat elena. >> and i was happy for him and i couldn't pick a better person. >> reporter: and the stars included lady gaga and beyonce. jennifer lopez and steven tyler performed last night. scotty had the chance to sing with tim mcgraw. and lauren performed with former idol winner carrie underwood. now scotty is ready to take the next big step in his music career. >> i'm on top of the world right now. never in my wildest dreams have i expected this but it's here and i'm taking every moment. >> reporter: and scotty told us that when he watched american idol, the season finale last year, it never crossed his mind he would audition, let alone
8:31 am
win this thing. now did you happen to notice the kisses from lauren elaina on stage last night? she said that the camera didn't catch when they kissed on the lips. so everyone is wondering if the two are dating, but they say they are just friends. they are planning to have a duet together. and the next step for scotty is his single, i love you this big. the one he couldn't get through at the end of the night. that's going to be released on radio. and you can see them all july 6th in utah. >> and steve chenevey is here. he's off camera but adding his 2 cents. >> steve, i love steve. >> hi courtney. >> he is saying that lauren loved scotty, just what you said. just because they are young, both in the same genre and shared kisses on stage doesn't
8:32 am
mean they are boyfriend and boyfriend. >> reporter: she admitted that she was boy crazy and she was happy that scotty won and people expected her to be upset and her goal was to make the top 3 and she did better than that. and other contestants said they were very proud of him and that he deserved to win and they love him and his spirit. can you tell he's just such a great guy and so professional. like randy said, you're at a scotty mccreary concert every time you watch him. he nailed audition after audition in front of the judges and america. >> courtney, nice to see you. >> reporter: hi, steve. >> he said hi back. but tell scotty, d.c. loves him. >> reporter: we will. we will get him soon. >> courtney live out of l.a. >> good interview. >> i love steve. oh, steve. >> like the highlands of randy said last night, what is going on with this show. you have hijacked my interview.
8:33 am
we should have done it together. >> randy is still going strong. >> randy did not perform last night? >> he was the only one. >> it's j lo and steven tyler performed. this is like after you do the forecast, me and allison trying to do your job. >> no, he's performed in seasons past and i did like j lo and marc anthony, her husband. did you watch it? >> not a minute of it. but still good show. >> i was recovering from oprah. >> i understand that. your emotions were fragile. >> i was very fragile. let me do the weather real quick before i get in trouble. holiday heat, it is back with a vengence over the next couple of days. today about 90 and then back into the 80s. but how about low to mid-90s on memorial day. and it will be nice and summery
8:34 am
around here. it should be nice with plenty of sunshine as we get into the weekend. today looks great, a lot of sunshine but hot. it will be about 90. could be a scattered shower or thunderstorm. best chance out to the north and west, isolated chance, talking 20-0% chance. and the frontal system is bumping up against the high pressure, our bermuda high which established itself early in the season and find of falling apart. it is trying to move in as the area of low pressure that caused the problem the last couple of days continues to weaken off to the north and west. right now temperatures warming up. 72 at reagan national. 75 in gaithersburg. frederick, good morning, you are warm and 79 for you already. 77 in leonardtown. so it is not going to take much to kick the temperatures up into the upper 80s, near 90 later in afternoon. and here is your forecast. we'll talk about the weekend. isolated shower and thunderstorm today. most of the day will be dry. tomorrow most of the day will be dry and a few scattered showers and thunderstorms.
8:35 am
a few of those will linger into early saturday. once we get it out of here on saturday, i think saturday afternoon late and sunday should be fine, sunny and warm and then hot by monday. look at memorial day. highs about 93 degrees by monday. so it will be hot around here early next week. >> that's a look at the weather forecast. it is 8:35 now. as we check stories making headlines. albert haynesworth expected to go on trial today in an expected road rage incident. a man claimed he was punched in reston during a road rage. he is also heading to court for a alleged assault. a 17-year-old student said frank briscoe made comments and
8:36 am
sexual overtoned. there is a hearing in d.c. soupority court next month. d.c. is a hub for asians on the east coast. the washington post analysis census figures shows the number of asians has grown 60% in the past decade to 570,000 in the d.c. region. chinese, the most prevalent in d.c., philipinos in prince george's and indians in loudoun and fairfax county and korean the largest group in centreville. in the district, the new redistricting plan, when it comes to break down the city wards, is now online. >> capitol hill residents hit the streets in protest. they are worried ward 6 could be pulled into other wards. federal law requires leaders to draw the line depending on the population. if would you like to see the map, go to and click on web links. and the council has
8:37 am
approved a $5.2 billion budget without the millionaires tax. that means no income tax increase for those making $200,000 or more. the compromise is getting rid of tax breaks for those who buy bonds somewhere else other than d.c. chair kwame brown said something had to be done. >> it's a fundamental unfairness to people for this to come out of the blue as a tax on their income. >> at the end of the day we're trying to create a win-win situation. i never thought of taxes as the first option of where we should go. >> a member of the d.c. fiscal policy institute said that the tax break that was eliminated didn't make sense any way. the budget is aimed at closing a $322 million shortfall. the final vote is expected in two weeks. it's 8:37 now on this thursday morning. weekly jobless claims into the news room. we'll have that for you and our job of the day when we come
8:38 am
back. and they are all of the rage and the job market is hot with people wanting to get into that field. so coming up after 9:00 in today's smartphone zone, tips on how to break into this business. stay with us. it's 8:37.
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8:41 am
weekly jobless claims coming into the news room. more people applied for unemployment benefits. and it's evidence that the job market is still sluggish. the job market said the number of people seeking benefits rose to a seasonally adjusted 424,000. if your looking for work, don't forget about our job shop. it's always open online. today the job is with the irs. looking for a budget analyst. the pay starts at $51,000 a year. and you can see what it can go up to with the right amount of experience. for more on this job and many other goes to, click on job shop tab at the top of the home page. sales of foreclosed homes are down. they fell in the first three months of the year. now they are still 6 times higher than they should be. the pace that homes are going no foreclosure has slowed but that is partly blamed on a
8:42 am
backlog of processing foreclosure paperwork, unfortunately. and memorial day a busy one for gardners. >> tips on how to get your garden growing for the summertime. holly. >> reporter: you talk summer gardening and i'm talking summer cocktails. cocktails made with vodka. we are live at black water distilling. coming up, we'll talk about putting this product that is made in the dmv into a special concoction and what to serve with it on the fare side as well. stay with us. 
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:45. today is day four of our made in the dmv week. all week holly is featuring products made here in d.c. or maryland or virginia. >> and she is traveling to a local company that makes vodka. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're talking about sweet betty vodka and it is a hand-crafted wheat vodka. they just started making it here as of april 1st.
8:46 am
so it's relatively new. so not that it's amazingly wonderful but here at fox 5 we are all about giving you options so we want to let you know all different ways that you can sample this new wonderful vodka. and john blair is the black water mixologist. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: and i'm guessing as a mixologist, when it comes to making a good drink, you have to start with a good liquor. >> and you have to start with a good product. >> and what makes this a good choice over another kind of vodka, other than the fact that you work here in. >> well it's smooth and it doesn't go down hard. and has a flavor that can shine through in cocktails. >> reporter: and what are you showing us? >> the first cocktail is done in a cocktail glass or martini style as most people say. and let's get some ice going here. >> reporter: how long have you
8:47 am
been mixing drinks, john? >> probably about eight years. >> reporter: i just wanted to make sure you were qualified. >> so we'll start with 3 ounces. and we have a large glass so we want to make sure it gets completely filled. >> reporter: well there is two of us. no, i'm just kidding. >> and then dollan dry vermouth. >> reporter: and what is the name of this drink? >> it is. and i don't remember it. >> reporter: after we drink it, write it down and you can dazzle your friends. and then lime juice. >> a little bit of roses lime and that was canton liquor. and these are all three quarter ounces each and so we'll give that a good shake. >> reporter: love that sound. don't you love that sound? >> music to my ears. >> reporter: i want to bring in jeff rubin.
8:48 am
you probably recognize him. this is chef-owner of vidalia. and you had the problem of coming up with food pairs well. >> you're right. what i tried to do is come up with something simple and summery for this weekend if you want to try this. all of the ingredients you can buy at the store. to cooking requires. >> reporter: i love it. i love it when a chef requires something with no cooking. i chef after my own heart, this is a salad with a crouton and cherry tomato and fresh mozzarella. >> reporter: and it looks impressive. >> and a little bit of balsamic vinegar and just splash that on there. and they can be made ahead and served at your backyard picnic this weekend. >> reporter: and on that end?
8:49 am
>> this is water melon and feta with fresh mint and oregano. and we have salt and pepper. a little black salt and olive oil. >> reporter: and now i know you have another drink. you have this vodka in your restaurants and why is it important to have local vodka available? >> well we try to do as many local ingredients as we do in both the food and liquors and the wines. we first tasted this in -- you can't help but love it at first taste. and also the packaging is great. and to have something local and be the first one in maryland, that's unique. and that's what people come to the restaurant for. they come for us to find things that are unique and say what do you have to offer us that is different than anybody else. >> reporter: and i think he said he bought it because of the girl on the front. >> absolutely. i have to go, but what is this? >> this is the summer lovin
8:50 am
cocktail. >> reporter: is our website. we have a link to theirs. coming up in the next hour, we'll talk more about why they chose to make the vodka on the eastern shore. and are you coming up with a toast. we'll see packaging too. i want to have a good toast by the time we are done this morning. back to you all in the studio. i don't know which one to try. we might feed a toast for the good weather. derek thomas joins me from thomas landscapes. welcome to summer, my friend. >> it's sweltering today. >> listen, this is the memorial day weekend which we know is the unofficial kickoff to summer. if your going to the beach, have a great trip. and if you are sticking around, this is a good time for folks to get up to speed on what they have in the yard. >> staycations have become the second vacation. and we're talking about today how you can jazz up -- one of the things about when you go away, you get into the hotel lobby and there is the lush
8:51 am
plants and it gets you in the mood. >> how can we have that at home? >> exactly. we'll talk about today all of the things to deck out your deck and living areas to get it into that feel. >> i like it. >> plants create a lot of the beauty that you see when you go away. and when you work with plants like this salvia and it has a purple that pops and it brings people's attention in. you can mix it up. salvia is an herb but you can mix it up with your herb garden. you have things like the begonia rex and they come from 20 or 30 different leaf patterns. wonderful pop of color. >> let's tuck about the color for a minute. because that's important. and with fashion there are certain colors that are in certain times of the year and year to year. do we see this with plants? are there in colors with plants? >> 2011 is all about the
8:52 am
chocolate plants. you have plants that have chocolate hues in their color and they've become the rave. >> so if you want a trendy garden and be the talk of the neighborhood, things like this cola, you have this purple- brown leaf. and this sweet potato vine is a chocolate color. and you have this plant with a pop of color and the leaves will bring that back. and things like persian shields. you have the purple and then the chocolate hues in there it's almost like it's artificial. >> beautiful colors. we talked about the heat this weekend. if your doing the staycation, it's going to be hot. anything you should be aware of. >> what you should be looking at, like this hibiscus, it will do well all summer long but get some mulch. if you are going away or to save you from water it twice or three times during the course of the day, get some mulch on all of the container plants that you create.
8:53 am
the other thing is that if you got a big basketball like this one here that is a mixed basket, you want to make sure that when there are certain plants that feel peaked, you can take your pruners and clip them bag. you can see this one is getting leggy. and don't be worried you are taking away the flowers. it will push back out and become full again. >> some projects that we can do this weekend. now you're going to stick around for next hour. >> we're going to be back and i have a couple of things to keep viewers guessing. this is a neat solar light. >> very patriotic. >> and this is a very fun thing to do with the kids in the hour coming up. and this is some of the pop that you can add with containers. >> and that's for the beach this weekend. you're going to play with that, aren't you? >> absolutely. >> it's always a pleasure.
8:54 am
we'll see you next hour. happy memorial day. allison, back inside to you. >> and we'll see derek in the 9:00 hour. advice on the sunglasses to wear this summer and breaking into the smartphone app business. that's coming up in the next hour. and we'll check in with one of the winners of our own x factor audition contest. she's in dallas getting ready to sing for the show's producers. we'll check in with julia as well today. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
8:55 am
i could use all the help i can get. like nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast, even whole-wheat waffles, for a breakfast that my kids love and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good.
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a little extra special good morning to the facebook fan of the day. today it is cris hoover. good morning. she is on the d.c. roller girls roller derby all-star team. end of the season so they pick the all-star team and they'll take on the carolina roller girls for all of the bragging
8:58 am
rights in roller girl land. we wish you luck. find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and the number 5, and then post a comment under cris hoover's photo. wish her good luck. if you are out for a stroll in a maryland shopping center yesterday, you got quite a surprise. you saw this. [ music ] >> you know about the flash mobs by now. a group of montgomery county high school students took to the streets. but this was not on their own. this was part of a sociology class. 55 students came out for the class assigned flash mob. and they weren't just there dancing, they were there to study people's reactions to see if they would pay attention. >> a flash mob is when a group of people choreograph a dance beforehand and then they meet in a public place and one person or two people start it. i think a lot of people here are just like when the music started they just looked around figuring out what was going on.
8:59 am
>> this exercise was part of the students' final exam. the teacher said maybe if they turned their journals in on time. it is time to turn things over to allison and tony until 10:00. have a great memorial weekend a day in advance. i'll see you next week. >> you do the same, steve. here is a look at stories we're following for the 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. albert haynesworth goes on trial today in connection with the road rage incident. we'll look at the case in a few minutes. plus the warm weather may have you heading out to enjoy time outside. many of you will grab the sunscreen but don't forget the sunglasses. our fox medical team takes a look at the damage sun exposure can do to your eyes. and how to prevent the damage in just a little bit. and if you are looking for a new job, maybe you should look at your smartphone. we'll give you an inside look at how the app-developing industry is g


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